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Lectures are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month (excluding August) at the The Gateway Centre, Abergavenny promptly at 11.00 am.
Coffee will be available from 10.15 to 10.45 am. In order to avoid disturbance at the end of the lecture we should be grateful if you would allow
enough parking time to cover an over-running lecture. e.g. at least until 12. 15 pm.
Visitors are welcome at a cost of £8 at the door, but they must be signed in by a Member or, if unaccompanied, by a Member of the Committee.

13th September 2018 Collecting the Grand Tour - Marc Allum

As a BBC Antiques Roadshow expert Marc here discusses the influence of antiquity on collectors, fashion and the foundation of our major museums, illustrated with an enlightening trip through the world of collecting Grand Tour souvenirs

Marc Allum is a freelance art and antiques journalist, writer and broadcaster based in Wiltshire. He has over Marc Allum book20 years experience on the BBC Antiques Roadshow and has appeared on numerous television and radio programmes. Marc regularly writes for mainstream magazines and is an author, antiques consultant and lecturer. He also runs a fine art valuation and consultancy service. Marc has his own unique style with interests ranging from pre-history to modern design and is a self-confessed collectaholic. He has a passion and reputation for divining the unusual through a 'desire to connect with history through the interpretation and pursuit of objects and their origins'.
Marc has lectured widely for many years to a number of different organisations in both the public and charity secotor, including travel companies, The National Trust, The Arts Society, the WI and many literary festivals including Cheltenham, Bath, Wells and Petworth.



A Gathering of the Dilettanti around the Medici Venus', a group of foppish 'milordi' socialise amidst a display of antique marbles.


11th October 2018 The Art of Piero della Francesca
The Light of the North Meets the Logic of the South
- Shirley Smith

Over 600 years after the birth of Piero della Francesca Shirley Smith will re-visit the work of this enigmatic painter. His grave, solid figures set in a timeless landscape and lit by a clear light, encapsulate the harmony of man and his world that was at the heart of Italian Rennaisance thought. They are in fact a perfect fusion of the influences of North and South, of light and logic, which reflect his native countryside while yet conveying a spirituality that reaches out over time and boundaries. whether wortking in the service of the church or of his patron, Federigo da Montefeltro, his paintings radiate a serenity and timelessness.

Shirley Smith graduated from the University of East Anglia with a first class honours degree in the History of Art, specialising in Italian and Northern Rennaissance Art and Architecture. She is a fello of the Royal Society of Arts, lectured at the University of East Anglia and is a tutor for the Board of Continuing Education of Cambridge University at Madingley Hall for whom she runs weekend and study dy courses. She also lectures to the Art Fund and various other Art Societies. Her essay on ' The Fresco Decoration in the Sistine Chapel: Biblical Authority and the Church of Rome' - appears in 'The Bible and the Arts' published by Edinburgh University Press in 2014.

Piero dell Francesca 1
Piero della Francesa 2

8th November 2018 The Two Gustavs: Mahler and Klimt - Gavin Plumley

Gustav KlimtGustav Klimt and his colleaGustav Mahlergues broke away from the imperially endorsed art institutions in Vienna in 1897 and founded the Secession. That was the same year that Gustav Mahler arrived to take charge of the Opera House in the city. Comparing these two totemic fin de siècle talents, this lecture places Klimt and Mahler in context, asking what fundamentall links and, indeed, divides them.

Gavin Plumley is a writer and broadcaster appearing on BBC Radio 4 and contributing to The Independant on Sunday and The Guardian. He lectures widely about the culture of central Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries, including to the National Gallery, The British Museum, the V & A, The Southbank Centre, The Tate and the Neue Galerie, New York, as well as for history of art societies and The Art Fund.

Klimt painting

13th December 2018 The Christmas Tree : From Forest Fir to Festive Feature - Claire Walsh

The Christmas Tree presents us with over five centuries of art and meaning. vital to the imagery of both the pagan world and christianity, its significance emerged in Norse yuletide, ancient Rome and with the early medieval saints, before its diverse strands were drawn together to symbolize the modern Christmas. It is wrapped in legend, from the Icelandic sagas to St Boniface, from the Mystery Plays to Martin Luther. In art, the forest fir has made the transition from Viking rock carvings to German Romanticism and Scandinavian naturalism, on its way to finding its place as an icon of our modern festival. Decorated and shimmering with light, it has brought Christmas from outside the home into the heart of the family, it has drawn soldiers together across No-Man's Land, and it continues to symbolize its essential, timeless message of Peace on Earth.

Claire Walsh
MA V&A/RCA; PhD European University Institute, Florence. Having previously worked at the V&A and lectured there and for the University of Warwick Claire now lectures for the Open University. She has lectured widely in Britain; at the Courtauld Institute of Art and Museum of London amongst others, and to specialist groups including the Art Fund, the Ceramics Society, The Costume Society and the Ancient Monuments Society. Claire has also lectured in Europe, the USA (including Yale and the Huntingdon) and Canada and has numerous publications.
Christmas Tree
Christmas tree


10th January 2019 The Florentine Rennaissance - Paula Nuttall

14th February 2019 Sleeping Beauties : The Irish Country House - Tom Duncan

14th March 2019 "Mind the Gap" Graphic& Poster Design on the London Underground - Charles Harris

11th April 2019 Brangwyn's War - Libby Horner

9th May 2019 A Victorian Splendour: The Golden Age of British Glass - Charles Hajdamach

13th June 2019 Paradise Regained: The Life and Art of Samuel Palmer - Timothy Wilcox

11th July 2019 Photography as Fine Art - Brian Stater

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